Amikacin dosing guidelines (for patients aged ≥16 years)

N.B. See the creatinine clearance (CrCl) calculator in the GGC Medicines App or on NHSGGC StaffNet / Clinical Info section or here for CrCl equation and maximum body weight calculations.

Amikacin dosing guidance

Table 1: Amikacin dosing table

CrCl (ml/minute) Amikacin dose
20-29 5.5mg/kg 24 hourly
30-49 6mg/kg 24 hourly
50-70 12mg/kg 24 hourly
>70 15mg/kg 24 hourly

Amikacin target concentrations

  • If CrCl ≥50ml/minutes:
    • Peak (1 hour post dose): >35mg/L
    • Trough (pre-dose): <2mg/L
  • If CrCl <50ml/minute:
    • Peak (1 hours post-dose): 15-30mg/L
    • Trough (pre-dose): <5mg/L

Amikacin sampling guidelines

  • Check peaks (1 hour post-dose) and troughs (end of dosage interval) within the first 48 hours of therapy and every 2-3 days thereafter.
  • Dose requirements will change if renal function alters - check creatinine concentration and eGFR daily.
  • Please record the exact times of all doses and samples on the request form and the sample times on the sample tubes.
  • Seek advice from pharmacy or microbiology if you are unsure how to interpret the result.
  • At weekends individual wards, out with QEUH, may have to organise taxis themselves to QEUH biochemistry for concentration measurement. Confirm with local biochemistry.


Content last updated December 2018