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Adult Therapeutics Handbook

The GGC Medicines - Adult Therapeutics Handbook resource is intended as a reference source for education about the safe and effective use of medicines. The content is intended for use by healthcare professionals working in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. The information provides a starting point for the immediate management of many common medical conditions and situation. It is recognised, of course, that the guidance within the Handbook will not be suitable for every situation and is not intended to be a substitute for specialist expertise and clinical judgement.


Enoxaparin 20mg and 40mg Supply problem: Temporary switch to Inhixa 20mg and 40mg pre-filled syringes (1 November 2017)

Due to the supply problems with Clexane 20mg and 40mg pre-filled syringes, NHSGGC acute sector is temporarily switching to the Inhixa brand of enoxaparin 20mg and 40mg.  For further information relating to this switch click here (StaffNet access required).  The manufacturer also has a short YouTube video demonstrating how to administer the Inhixa brand of enoxaparin which staff may find useful.