UTI in men


Antibiotic Therapy (before prescribing, carefully read the Notes / Comments section below)

Ofloxacin# oral 200mg 12 hourly


Trimethoprim oral 200mg 12 hourly (if sensitive organism)

Total course duration: 14 days.

Notes / Comments
  • Epididymo-orchitis is more commonly caused by an enteric pathogen (e.g. older patient, not sexually active, recent instrumentation (prostatic biopsy, vasectomy or catheterisation), men who practise insertive anal intercourse, men with known abnormalities of the urinary tract, or positive urine dipsticks for leucocytes and nitrites).
  • Refer to GUM (contact Sandyford) if:
    • Acute epidiymitis most likely caused by transmitted chlamydia and enteric organisms
    • Risk of N.gonorrhoeae / C. trachomatis.
  • #Ofloxacin: QTc prolongation risk. Absorption reduced by oral iron, calcium, magnesium and some nutritional supplements.
  • Exclude testicular torsion.
  • Consider mumps in young adults when associated with parotitis (antibiotics not required).

Guideline reviewed: June 2021

Page updated: March 2022