MRSA Eradication Policy

  • In newly recognised MRSA colonisation (MRSA isolated from the skin or mucous membrane), prescribe as follows (rule out any allergies first):
    • NASAL mupirocin 2% applied to both nostrils three times daily for 5 days. (Do not prescribe in pregnancy or lactation unless considered essential by the physician.)
    • Chlorhexidine gluconate 4% surgical scrub (Hydrex®) used as soap in bath or shower daily for 5 days. Use also as shampoo 2 days out of 5.
  • Re-screen patient at least two days after the end of the decolonisation regimen. The patient should no longer be considered colonised with MRSA when 2 repeat screens, taken every 3 days starting two days after the end of the decolonisation regimen, are negative.
  • Contact infection control or microbiology if:
    • Patient has received two previous courses of the decolonisation regimen and is still testing positive.
    • MRSA is isolated from multiple sites, or those in whom colonisation is persistent or recurring.
    • Mupirocin resistant MRSA is isolated 


Guideline reviewed: June 2021

Page updated: March 2022