Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis

General antibiotic prophylaxis prescribing guidance

  • Refer to the specific Surgical Prophylaxis Guideline to check if antibiotic choice and dose is appropriate.
  • Always discuss any complex individual prophylaxis issues with microbiology pre-operatively.
  • Record the antibiotic(s) as "stat" on HEPMA, ideally the prophylactic antibiotic(s) should also be recorded on the anaesthetic record.
  • Refer to the Principles of Surgical Prophylaxis guideline for information on:
    • Timing of antibiotic administration in surgical prophylaxis.
    • Gentamicin dosing and administration in surgical prophylaxis.
    • Teicoplanin dosing and administration.
    • Antibiotic re-dosing advice if >1.5L blood loss.
    • Antibiotic re-dosing advice in prolonged surgery. 

Post-operative intra-abdominal infection

If antibiotic therapy for post-operative intra-abdominal infection is required, contact microbiology for advice. In the meantime, empirical antibiotic regimens for intra-abdominal infection can be found here. If antibiotic therapy for post-operative infection is required, treat empirically as per anatomical source (see the main infection section or Infection Management Guideline Poster) and review cultures.


Guideline reviewed: August 2023

Page last updated: November 2023