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Adult Therapeutics Handbook

Editorial Group and Acknowledgements

Editorial Group and Acknowledgements

Editorial Group

Mairi-Anne McLean Lead Pharmacist, Therapeutics Handbook, GRI (chair)

Faria Qureshi Senior Medicines Information Pharmacist, Therapeutics Handbook, QEUH (secretary)

Michael Brett Consultant Anaesthetist, Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine, RAH

Allan Cameron Consultant Physician, Acute Medicine, GRI

Alistair Cormack Consultant Physician and Cardiologist, Emergency Care and Medical Services, RAH

Roy Foot Lead Pharmacist, Medicines Policy and Guidance, GRI 

Ruth Forrest Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Surgery and Anaesthetics, QEUH

Pauline Grose Consultant Physician, Acute Medicine, GRI

Stuart Hutchison Doctor, NHSGGC

Neil McGlinchey Doctor, NHSGGC

David McGrane Consultant Physician and Diabetologist, QEUH

Elaine McIvor Senior Pharmacist Medicines Education, GRI

Cieran McKiernan Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Emergency Care and Medical Services, QEUH

Graham Naismith Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist, RAH

Matthew Oldroyd Doctor, NHSGGC

Maroria Oroko Doctor, NHSGGC

Rhona Petrie Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Older People Specialty, South Sector 

Selina Tsim Consultant Physician, Respiratory Medicine, QEUH

Lee Stewart Antimicrobial Pharmacist, South Glasgow Hospitals, QEUH 


A huge number of people were involved in this work and there simply isn’t space here to list them all. The editorial group would like to extend a huge vote of thanks to everyone who has given their opinion or spent their valuable time contributing to the chapters which follow. The publication would not have been possible without such widespread input across NHSGGC. The following people have been heavily involved on specific therapeutic topics and deserve a special vote of thanks.

Keith Addie, Dr Ken James, Claire O'Neill, Fiona Wylie and all the pain specialists across NHSGGC (Pain and Palliative care management and PONV).

Yasmin Al-Din, Dr Donald Grosset, Carol Vennard and Dr Steven Wishart (Parkinson’s disease)

Dr Lynne Anderson (Blood transfusion guideline, Major Haemorrhage guideline)

Dr Steve Cleland, Dr Andrew Kernohan and specialists across NHSGGC (Endocrinology)

Dr Ewan Forrest and Barbara McMenemy (Alcohol withdrawal and vitamin supplementation)

Kathrin Greschner (Editorial support)

Jennifer Laskey, Dr Carrie Featherstone, Dr Ros Glasspool, Cathy Hutchison, Dr Allan James, Dr Mike Leach, Dr Colin Lindsay, Dr Alison Mitchell, Dr Caroline O’Dowd, Dr Anne Parker, and other specialists across NHSGGC (Oncology guidelines)

Dr Christine McAlpine and the Stroke specialists across NHSGGC (Stroke)

Barbara McMenemy and Dr Samantha Perry (Drug misuse guideline)

Dr David Murdoch, Dr Mitchell Lindsay and the Cardiology specialists across NHSGGC (Cardiology)

Lesley Murray, Dr John Paul Leach and Pamela McTavish (Neurology)

Alister Maclaren (Good prescribing guide)

Dr Graham Naismith, Dr John Morris and GI specialists across NHSGGGC (Gastrointestinal)

Dr Maurizio Panarelli, Biochemists across NHSGGC, Dr Stephen Gallacher and Dr Andrew Gallagher (Electrolyte Disturbances).

Dr Gillian Roberts, Margaret Maskrey and the rheumatology consultants across NHSGGC (Musculoskeletal and Joint Disease)

Dr Andrew Seaton, Ysobel Gourlay, Dr Brian Jones and other specialists (Infection)

Dr Kate Stevens (Acute kidney injury)

Prof Campbell Tait, Dr Catherine Bagot, Lindsay Chisholm, Dr John Crawford, Dr Gregor Imrie, Geraldine Jordan, Katherine MacIntosh, Catherine McLaughlin and other specialists across NHSGGC (Anticoagulation guidelines)

Mantej Chahal (Controlled drugs prescribing)

Dr Alison Thomson and Yvonne Semple (Dosing schedules for drugs with narrow therapeutic ranges and therapeutic drug monitoring)

Andrew Walker (Depression and night sedation)

Dr Steven Wishart and the GGC Delirium Short Life Working Group (Acutely disturbed patients, including delirium guideline)


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